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The BluePrint emerged in Music, Fashion and Hip-Hop Pop Culture.

JUCE is a cultural-catalyst and Music guide for the youth. With the focus on the next generation’s music icons, style mavericks and activists, JUCE is the first to discover and determine where music will go next. Constantly staying ahead of the curve, we celebrate and present today‚Äôs most impactful artist. JUCE global point of view, looks beyond borders, telling stories that normally go untold. We connect readers with the newest development in Pop Culture. We are the home for the next generation in Pop Culture.



Founder & Chief Content Officer: SIR Darryl Neal

Executive Editor: Tiffany Cagle & Madelyn Rosenberg

Executive Music Editor: Obadiah Ouzts

Associate Music Editor & VP of A&R: Gabe Cruz

Entertainment Editor: Rachel Macintosh

Music Business Editor: Sonia France

Editor At Large: Yvette Caslin

Editor At Large: Keith Moore

Social Media Trend and Music Editor: Jayvis Mercado


Photo Director: Estelle Walker

Photo Editor: Christian Traver


Fashion Editor: Jennifer Wilcott

Market Editor: Theo Hanson

Style Director: Obrian Madison