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An Exclusive Interview with the Box Boys, Music Promoters Extraordinaire

Step into the world of music promotion as we bring you an exclusive interview with the Box Boys, the extraordinary music promoters who are revolutionizing the industry.

Photos by Alex McClung | Words by Raya Biasca
Photos by Alex McClung

In the realm of music promotion, there is a dynamic duo that goes by the name of Box Boys – brothers Gio Carbajal and Yahir Carbajal.

Box Boys was conceived during their high school years. “The intention was to sort of be like a big collective,” they said.

With a shared love for music and a keen eye for visuals, they embarked on a transformative journey that began with filming music videos.

“We got into music essentially, just filming music videos and I received the inspiration, you know, Cole Bennett, Lyrical Lemonade, and said we just wanted to follow in their footsteps.”

“Yeah, we pretty much similarly both got into music the same way, we both picked up a camera and started working with music from our cameras and that’s what opened the music world for us from the start. That was the first spark.”

Photos by Alex McClung

When questioned about the origin of the name “Box Boys,” they candidly shared that their decision was primarily based on the pleasing sound of the name.

“Box Boys essentially, it didn’t really have a purpose at first, we sort of gave it purpose along the way. When we started it was a name that sounded good but as we continued on our journey, we gave it purpose along the way.”

“It’s still getting more and more meaning.”

“I think we’re finding more value or what our meaning is so I mean the name itself is like building its community name as we feed the fire more, so it’s cool to see that.”

When asked if they had considered changing the name, their response was straightforward and filled with conviction.

They explained, “Once we settled on the name, we felt really good about how things were shaping up. We never even had a second thought about changing anything because, you know, we’ve been together all this time and it just felt right.”

Their unwavering confidence in the name Box Boys reflects the deep bond they share and their unwavering commitment to the collective’s identity.

When asked about their approach to building relationships with artists and labels, they replied with a thoughtful response.

“I would say, how we did it is we just reached out via Instagram DM, asking them to shoot content for them and throughout shooting consistent content with them, we slowly build their relationship, and that relationship leads to other people. We meet new people, become friends with them, and it’s just a ripple effect, a snowball effect. One person leads to another, and next thing you know, you’re friends with the whole family or friend group. You just build connections and relationships from there. That’s usually how it goes.”

“For the most part, we’ll have doors open like that or we’ll reach out like that, and then the relationship forms. Sometimes, we’ll reach out that same way, and it’ll just be a one-time work gig, which is also great and sets the first steps into some new relationships. But, for the most part, it’s direct DMs, and then from there, if it works out, the same way. So, it’s cool to see different ways of building relationships like that.”

Photos by Alex McClung

When asked what they love most about what they do, they said:

“I don’t view my job as a job, you know? It’s my career, it’s my lifestyle. So, anything I do for Box Boys, it’s something that I love. I don’t ever view it as a burden. And I feel like that’s part of my favorite thing, aside from meeting new people and becoming friends with artists. Like, that’s probably one thing that gets really overlooked.”

“I really just love the lifestyle that comes with it because the discipline’s always supposed to be there for us to get what we need. But the freedom me and my brother have gotten, along with working with what we love, is probably one of the best things that has come with Box Boys. It never feels like we’re, like, it doesn’t, like my brother said, it’s not really a day job.”

For the Box Boys, their work is more than just a job; it’s about fulfilling their own aspirations. It is “just like us completing things we want to do, so it’s just like rewarding, so when we do see those results, it’s not dreadful and we enjoy every bit of it.”

Photos by Alex McClung

When discussing challenges, this is what they said:

“I would say, from our experiences, the biggest challenge would be, since we’re relatively young as a company, I feel like a common challenge is getting it in front of people’s faces in the very beginning. Like, we don’t have that problem now, but one of the biggest challenges was getting our name out there through the events we threw.”

“I also feel like, you know, adapting to new artists, new waves because obviously waves come and go, so not everything’s going to be the same. So, I feel like it’s always about finding out what’s new and what’s going to be the next big thing.”

What sets them apart is that they don’t believe in simply buying their way into the music industry based on financial means. Unlike those who think they can fit in by purchasing their place, the Box Boys started from humble beginnings. They understand the value of building genuine relationships, showing support, and exhibiting true love for the community. This approach creates a reciprocal effect, where the support and love they give to the culture and community are reciprocated back to them. Their strong connection with the culture and community is what truly distinguishes them from others in the industry.

Talking about Boxfest, they mentioned that Boxfest is essentially their festival under Box Boys. It revolves around the genres of hip-hop, rap, and underground rap. The organizers, the Carbajal brothers, meticulously handpick every artist featured in the festival with great care and consideration. These selections are not random; they reflect their genuine enjoyment and resonance with the music created by these artists.

When they organize Boxfest, it serves as a powerful statement, signaling to the world that these are the artists they wholeheartedly support and are currently vibing with.

“The best way for our festivals to go smoothly is to make it as if someone’s listening to a playlist. So, since then, my brother and I have had that in our minds when we bring artists. We want to have these fans be excited to listen to the seven, ten artists that they have on their playlist, and then we curate that experience in real life.”

When asked about their philosophy, they emphasized the importance of being mindful of the energy they project into the universe. Whether it’s through interactions with people, animals, or even themselves, they believe that whatever energy they put out will inevitably be reflected back to them. They see the universe as a system of balance, where when one side rises, the other side must come down, and vice versa.

Photos by Alex McClung

 “So, everything’s all about equilibrium and balance.”

When asked about their message to their supporters, they shared, “Go at 110% because you never know when your last day is going to be.”

They emphasized the importance of pursuing their dreams wholeheartedly, recognizing the uncertainty of tomorrow.

“We will regret it if we just end up going through life. We’ll be on our deathbed, old, with regrets, and I know that’ll hurt.”

Follow the dynamic world of the Box Boys – the game-changers of the music industry @boxboys on Instagram!

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An Exclusive Interview with the Box Boys, Music Promoters Extraordinaire
Get a glimpse into the game-changing world of music promotion with an exclusive interview featuring the Box Boys.
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