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Enter the enchanting world of Angel J Nelson as we unravel the captivating story of this rising star on the musical horizon, exploring her journey, inspirations, and the undeniable talent that sets her apart.
Photography by Lex Merico | Words by Raya Biasca

In the big and always changing world of music, new talents can stand out like stars on the rise, grabbing the interest of excited fans and followers. Angel J Nelson is one of these up-and-coming stars, and her journey in music looks like it’s going to make a lasting impression on the music world.

Photography by Lex Merico

“Broke” is a song that Angel J Nelson penned around a year ago. During a casual phone conversation with her friends, they were engaged in light-hearted banter, discussing the kind of guys they didn’t want to associate with. This playful interaction sparked the creative inspiration that led to the creation of the song.

“I was kinda like, I could turn this into a song for fun because I don’t really have a lot of songs like that. It was just for fun, but then I heard the beat and I was like, oh, this would match perfectly with what I’m just talking about. So I just turned it into a song, and then I randomly decided to shoot a music video for it. Everything was so random. I honestly didn’t expect it to blow up like this, so that’s very shocking, to be honest,” Angel said.

Angel J Nelson aspires for her listeners to find enjoyment in her music. She aims for her songs to be a source of fun and entertainment, and she’s particularly grateful for the exposure her track “Broke” has given her. Being introduced to new audiences through this song has been a blessing that she deeply appreciates.

“But I think a lot of people who don’t go back and actually listen to my music, they might think my lyrics are shallow when they listen to ‘Broke.’ But I feel like if you go back and listen to the rest of my songs, you would see that I have very, very deep lyrics. I just think my songs are fun to listen to and decipher,” she added.
When asked about a song she wishes she had made, Angel J Nelson mentioned Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.”

“Every time I listen to that song, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I wish I could make a song as beautiful.” That’s one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs,” Angel expressed.

Photography by Lex Merico

She also added that her favorite album of all time is Michael Jackson’s Bad.

When asked about an album with no skips, Angel J Nelson points to “Renaissance,” an album that she views as a standout choice for the summer and the year.

“Renaissance has no skips. I know this is Beyoncé’s newest album, but that’s my favorite all-time album. This album has literally no skips. And like Beyoncé, the self-titled album, that album is also a no-skip. And ‘Roman Reloaded’ by Nicki Minaj, that album also has no skips.”

When asked about a GOAT verse from a rapper, Angel J Nelson highlighted the impactful line “I’m not lucky, I’m blessed” from Nicki Minaj.

When discussing underrated artists worth listening to, Angel J Nelson recommended checking out Kenni Lee and Aniye Music. When asked who Angel wants to collaborate with in the future, she said: “Nicki Minaj. That is like my number one.”

An important piece of advice Angel J Nelson got from her mom is not to measure her progress based on what others achieve by a certain age. This reminds her to focus on her own growth and goals, rather than getting influenced by what others are doing.

In terms of upcoming projects, Angel J Nelson shared that her next single is in the works and will be released very soon.
“I don’t know when it’s coming out, but I’m working on it and it’ll be very, very soon.”

Angel J Nelson’s path stands as a remarkable example of the strength that comes from passion, relentless effort, and a steadfast devotion to artistic communication. With her talent shining bright and limitless possibilities on the horizon, it’s unmistakable that Angel J Nelson is poised to make a profound impact in the music realm. As her musical journey unfolds, be sure to keep a watchful ear for this burgeoning star.

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