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An Interview with Long Island’s Best: Baddie Barz

Get an exclusive look into the world of Long Island's rap sensation, Baddie Barz, in this captivating interview. Discover the story behind the music and gain insights into Baddie Barz' world.
Photography by Caleb Foster | Styling by SIR Darryl Neal | Makrup by Maya Denise | A&R by Gabe Cruz | Words by Raya Biasca

In the bustling rap scene of Long Island, there is one artist who stands out with her raw talent and captivating storytelling. Baddie Barz, a sensational rapper, originally hails from the Bronx but found herself in the foster care system. Despite the challenges she faced, Baddie Barz’s indomitable spirit and natural creativity shone through.

From a young age, Baddie Barz displayed her multifaceted talents. She possessed a remarkable ability to bring any image to life through her drawings and had a passion for music that could not be contained.

She revealed that her musical influences include Lil Wayne, Drake, DMX, Jay-Z, and Nas.

Photography by Caleb Foster

The rising rap sensation from Long Island, she delved into the inspiration behind her powerful track, “No Passes.” Baddie Barz revealed that the song was written in the early hours of the morning, at 3 am, as a reflection of her journey as a female artist breaking through the ranks.

She emphasized the need for aggression in the industry, as she encountered games and obstacles along the way. Baddie Barz expressed the importance of perseverance, highlighting how she experienced moments of loneliness and lack of support, only to have people suddenly appear when she began to succeed.

“This is what I feel like I’m going through now. Now, I am at the door, and I have keys, figuring out which key because I don’t have the right key yet,” she expressed.

We also delved into her creative process and what drives her to create impactful music. When asked about her approach, Baddie Barz emphasized the importance of “energy.”

She explained that sometimes a beat or a song would deeply touch her, igniting a spark of inspiration within. There is no set routine for her creative process; it all comes down to a powerful feeling or energy that propels her to create music that resonates with her audience.

Photography by Caleb Foster

She revealed that her childhood experiences and the daily challenges she faces serve as constant inspiration for her music, reflecting the raw and authentic portrayal of her life.

Baddie Barz expressed that the freedom to express herself without fear of judgment is the most rewarding aspect of her artistic journey. In a world where ridicule is all too common, being an artist provides her with a platform to share her truth and express her thoughts and emotions freely.

Reflecting on the challenges she faces, Baddie expressed that the worst part of being an artist is the constant objectification she endures from men who often view her solely as a sexual object.

Despite the hurdles, Baddie remains determined to protect herself and not let fear hinder her progress. She emphasized the importance of staying safe in an industry where opportunities can easily be missed due to genuine concerns for personal safety. Baddie’s words shed light on the harsh realities faced by female artists in the music industry and highlight the need for a safer and more inclusive environment.

Photography by Caleb Foster

We also had the opportunity to celebrate her recent achievement as the winner of a highly contested voting poll. Among 20-30 female artists, Baddie Barz emerged as the crowd favorite, securing the title of the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist in Long Island. This recognition is a testament to her exceptional talent and the undeniable impact she has made in the music scene. Baddie Barz’s victory not only solidifies her position as a rising star but also highlights the immense support and appreciation she has garnered from her fans and the local community.

Referring to her fans: “Thank you, I would be nothing without you!”

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