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Kendrick Lamar’s 5 Most Groundbreaking Music Videos

Immerse yourself in the visionary world of Kendrick Lamar as we take a closer look at his five most groundbreaking music videos that push boundaries and redefine the art form.
Words by Gabe Cruz
Photo from the Instagram page @kendricklamarzz with no intended copyright infringement.

Kendrick Lamar, the celebrated rapper and lyrical genius, has not only made an enduring impact on the music world but has also significantly influenced the art of visual storytelling through his compelling music videos. This compilation presents Kendrick Lamar’s top five music videos, each standing as a testament to his unmatched artistic prowess and capacity to convey profound narratives via the captivating medium of visual storytelling.


One of Kendrick Lamar’s most visually striking and impactful music videos. The video features powerful and thought-provoking imagery, drawing from religious and cultural symbolism. Kendrick is portrayed in various iconic and memorable scenes, such as dressing as the Pope, reimagining Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” and standing atop a crowd of people. The video’s visual brilliance perfectly complements the song’s powerful message, challenging societal norms and embracing humility.


Shot in black and white with brief splashes of color, the video depicts Kendrick Lamar and his friends facing trials and challenges in the midst of social unrest. The video’s powerful imagery, including Kendrick flying over the cityscape and confrontations with police, provides a raw and emotional reflection of the struggles faced by the African American community.


The video showcases the intensity and power of Kendrick’s lyrics and delivery, as he faces off with Cheadle in an intense interrogation scene. The video’s dynamic cinematography and editing add to the sense of urgency and energy, making it one of Kendrick’s most visually arresting music videos.

“Swimming Pools (Drank)”

“Swimming Pools (Drank)” presents a thought-provoking exploration of alcohol abuse and peer pressure. The video captures the struggles of Kendrick Lamar as he navigates the temptations of the party scene and societal expectations.

“King Kunta”

The video features vibrant visuals, showcasing Kendrick’s charismatic performance in the streets of Compton. The video’s upbeat energy and celebration of his cultural identity reinforce the song’s powerful message of pride, resilience, and rising above adversity.

Kendrick Lamar’s music videos go beyond the conventional role of being visual companions to his songs; rather, they serve as immersive narratives that magnify the underlying messages and emotions in his music. Each video stands as a testament to his storytelling skills and artistic vision, leaving a lasting impact on both the music and visual storytelling aspects.

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