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Get ready, because RX is the 'next big thing' that you need to keep an eye on.

Photos by Atalia Charles | Words by Raya Biasca
Photography by Femi Adesua, with no copyright infringment intended.

From a tender age of 7, Rx’s journey into the world of music began with a fascination for words and poetry. As a young child, she discovered the joy of writing poems and playing with the nuances of rhyme and rhythm. It was in the 10th grade that Rx’s musical path took a significant turn when she learned to play the guitar. With newfound skills and a creative outlet, she transformed her poems into songs, even though they may not have sounded perfect at first. The process of turning her heartfelt verses into music taught her the intricacies of song structure and provided a cathartic escape from the challenges of her childhood. For Rx, music became a sanctuary, a realm where she could find solace, and no external hardships could take away the joy of creating art.

Rx’s musical influences span a diverse range, reflecting the eclectic taste she developed while growing up. She attributes some of her early inspiration to powerhouse artists like Alicia Keys and Britney Spears, whose melodic prowess and iconic hits left a lasting impact on her. As she continued to explore the music landscape, Rx discovered a contemporary artist who greatly resonated with her – Saint Jhn. Through her mother’s influence, she was exposed to a mix of pop, R&B, and rap, tuning into the top hits of the moment that dominated the radio waves. Embracing this blend of genres, Rx found herself drawn to the world of pop music, where she, too, now seeks to make her mark.

Photography by Femi Adesua, with no copyright infringment intended.

“I was living in Toronto for a while and I was in LA and I ended up coming back to Toronto, moved back and a friend of mine who’s a songwriter, we met up and he introduced me to a producer so I met him and I listened to some of the stuff he worked on and I kinda told him the direction I wanted to go in. You know, I was doing sessions and stuff in Toronto but I just didn’t lock in with any specific producer yet for my own project and he was just kind of like “Okay, let’s set up a session, let’s make up something so right before the session I was getting ready and this melody popped to my head and we went to the studio and my friend was there, the songwriter, with the producer, and he was making a beat and everything. I thought it was really dope I was like “Oh shoot! This is sick!” and so we started writing and everything. I think we wrote like the first verse at this point and then we were trying to figure out what the chorus was gonna be. WE kind of did like a bunch of takes and nothing was sticking. I have to love it, right? I’m not just gonna like it. I have to love it for it to stay in the song and I was like “Hey guys, what about this?I think I have something.” In that moment, I was nervous because I never worked with them in this capacity before, so I just set it in a really low tone and then, I played it for them and they were like “That could be really dope!” It was me mumbling Nex Ting. The melody was a little bit different then, they helped me perfect it and that’s how the chorus came along. Like a sign of the universe, it just popped into my head and we finished the rest of the song and I took home the session and I recorded the vocals myself and then, I sent it back to the producer to do the rough mix because he could get it to the finish line, basically, and the song was born. We kind of have that workflow now. I honestly have entire projects ready to go. It’s just honestly nice working with people that you trust.”

For Rx, the ultimate goal of her music is to bring a positive impact to her listeners. She aspires to leave a lasting impression on those who tune into her songs, hoping that each track evokes a sense of joy or resonates with their own personal experiences. Although not every song may achieve this, Rx remains dedicated to crafting music that elicits emotions and puts a smile on people’s faces. As she ventures into the music scene with her debut single, she assures fans that there is much more to come. Rx promises an array of stories and emotions in her future releases, inviting listeners to stay tuned for the full spectrum of her artistry and the unique journey she will take them on.

For Rx, creating a song is an intimate and authentic process that draws inspiration from her own life experiences. She firmly believes that true creativity stems from genuine emotions and personal encounters. Whether it’s writing about her own journey or the impact of others who cross her path, Rx ensures that each song originates from a place deep within her heart.

“I don’t think you can be a creative person without going through things in your life.”

Rx’s songs are a reflection of these experiences, especially when she delves into themes like heartbreak, which leaves a lasting imprint on his soul. By infusing her music with such raw emotions, Rx connects with her listeners on a profound level, creating a powerful and meaningful musical journey for all to resonate with and enjoy.

When it comes to crafting a song, Rx finds that the process is now predominantly driven by the melody. However, she also emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach, as sometimes a captivating lyric or a unique slang word can ignite her creative spark and influence the direction of the song. The guidance of working with industry professionals like Stargate during her time in LA has reinforced the significance of melody, making it a central focus in her songwriting endeavors.

Photography by Femi Adesua, with no copyright infringment intended.

When it comes to uncovering underrated artists in the music scene, Rx has a compelling recommendation that shines the spotlight on the thriving talent pool of Toronto. Among the hidden gems of the hip-hop world, Rx’s friend and co-writer of “Nex Ting,” Supreme Swiss, stands out as a true chameleon in the music industry.

“He’s such a chameleon he’s a rapper but his melody game is also great. He is such a joy to work with. I would say you definitely should check him out if you haven’t.”

As an aspiring artist with a profound appreciation for emotive and soul-stirring music, Rx reveals a song she wish she made – Ariana Grande’s “Safety Net.” This captivating track, which garnered a spot on Rx’s top songs list on Spotify last year, resonated deeply with them due to its raw emotional power.

Amidst a plethora of musical choices, Rx reveals her current favorite album that has been on constant repeat: Wizkid’s album, titled “More Love, Less Ego.”

When it comes to an album with no skips, Rx’s discerning taste leads her to Victoria Monét’s “Jaguar.”Just listening to her stuff makes me so inspired.”

Photography by Femi Adesua, with no copyright infringment intended.

Rx lives by the philosophy of “Intention, attention, no tension,” a mantra they discovered in the book called “The Passion Test.” Embracing this powerful philosophy has played a significant role in Rx’s journey towards pursuing her passion for music. Prior to stumbling upon this mantra, Rx had always known she had a deep love for music, but she was unsure of how to take the first steps and fully commit to her musical aspirations. However, after reading “The Passion Test,” the mantra resonated deeply with her, and she realized the importance of setting clear intentions, directing focused attention to their goals, and releasing any unnecessary tension or stress that could hinder her progress.

When asked what’s the best piece of advice she received, Rx said: You don’t need to ask permission to take a risk. 

“Especially when you’re creating with other people I think that we become a little bit like, ‘I hope they like my idea’ or ‘What if they don’t like my idea? So I’m just gonna sit back and not say anything.’ Especially, when it comes to your own art, I think it’s really important if you have an extreme idea and you think nobody will like it. Just say it anyway and just try it.”

“There’s no harm in trying something, you could always just delete it,” Rx added.

Photography by Femi Adesua, with no copyright infringment intended.

Rx is undoubtedly on the rise with exciting upcoming projects on the horizon. With her song “Nex Ting” making waves on radio stations across the UK and Toronto, the buzz surrounding the music is rapidly growing. The talented artist is not resting on her laurels and is already gearing up for the release of an entire project. As the final touches are being put on this much-anticipated endeavor, Rx is also hard at work on creating captivating visuals to complement the music.

It’s clear that Rx is poised for even greater success in the music industry. Keep an eye out for her upcoming projects, as this talented artist continues to make a significant impact on the music scene.

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