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Follow the remarkable journey of actor Justin Davis as he paves his path to success in the entertainment industry.

Photography by Christian Traver | Words by Raya Biasca | Styling by @obrianmadison | Grooming by Maya Denise
Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket- JMADISON | Top - UNIQLO TANK | Pants - GAP | Shoes - RHUDE | Shades - ILLESTEVA | Styled by @Obrianmadison

In an industry notorious for its fierce competition and unpredictable outcomes, Justiin’s ascent to stardom stands as a testament to his unwavering passion for the craft and unyielding determination to carve out a name for himself. From the earliest days of performing in local theater productions to gracing the television shows with his magnetic presence, Davis’ rise to prominence has been a rollercoaster of talent, ambition, and unwavering self-belief.

For Justiin, acting has been a lifelong passion that took root in his heart at a remarkably young age. Fondly reminiscing about his early years, he shared that his love affair with acting began at the tender age of three with discovering the TV show “Taina” on Nickelodeon, which left an indelible impression on him. The concept of being able to dedicate one’s life to their passion struck a chord with him.

Justiin’s journey to pursuing his passion for acting has been marked by unwavering support from his family and loved ones. Despite his early interest in acting, his family emphasized the importance of education and urged him to complete both high school and college. Throughout this period, they stood by his side, providing the encouragement and assurance that they would support him in whatever he chose to pursue.

Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket – JMADISON | Top – JMADISON | Pants – CARHARTT | Shoes -TOGA VIRILIS | Shades- IILESTEVA | Styled by @Obrianmadison

In the initial stages of his career, his family recommended focusing on modeling, print, and commercial work. Their guidance allowed him to gain valuable experience and exposure in the industry while keeping his options open.

After completing high school and moving on to college, they gave him the green light to chase his dreams wholeheartedly, assuring him that the world was his oyster.

“Before I graduated from undergrad is when I worked at Boardwalk Empire, and they’ve always been supportive, driven every step of the way, and just happy to see me succeed,” he said.

He has been dubbed by the Huffington Post as “the one to watch out for,” and his response to this accolade reflects the essence of his artistic journey. Davis expressed that the title is both captivating and thought-provoking.

Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket – JMADISON | Top- UNIQLO TANK | Pants – CARHARTT | Shoes – TOGA VIRILIS | Styled by @Obrianmadison

“I’m grateful because it’s a culmination of the work I know I’ve done and the people I’ve been able to sort of worked with and you know, I hope that I can continue to work with really great people and doing what I love and passionate about.”

Justiin fondly reminisces about his experience on the critically acclaimed HBO series, Boardwalk Empire.

“That’s my first recurring role on an HBO series, and I was still in college, at the time so someday, I was running to class and doing biology labs and finishing up senior thesis and being on stage. In other days, I was back in 1920’s.”

The journey into Boardwalk Empire was swift but rewarding. The audition process was a whirlwind, and Justiin found himself guest-starring on The Good Wife just a day after the audition. The waiting period for the callback was filled with self-doubt and anxiety, but to his delight, he woke up one afternoon to a flood of missed calls and messages. Instead of a callback, he had been offered the role on Boardwalk Empire directly, a moment that marked a significant shift in his career trajectory.

Throughout the three seasons he appeared on the show, Justiin had the opportunity to portray his character as he grew from a young age into his teenage years, a deeply rewarding experience for any actor.

Photo by Christian Traver | Top – JMADISON | Pants – ZARA | Shades – ILLESTEVA | Sneakers – CONVERSE | Styled by @Obrianmadison

Because of Boardwalk Empire, he was able to be in the same room as industry legends like Steve Buscemi and Martin Scorsese, which was a dream come true for the young actor and thinking, “Wow, this is the pinnacle of where you wanna get to. This is the room that I’ve always dreamed of being in and here I am, 19 or 20 years old and I’m able to play with some of the people I’ve looked up to in my life.”

Working with the late Michael K. Williams on Boardwalk Empire left an indelible impression on Justiin. He speaks with deep admiration for Williams, emphasizing that his legacy and talent should be remembered for generations to come.

Michael’s approach to character development left a profound impact on Justiin, and he fondly recalls the unique and creative ways Michael would immerse himself into his roles.

One aspect of Michael’s character development that stood out to Justiin was his deep connection to music and choreography. Michael’s background as a dancer before becoming an actor lent a distinct flair to his performances, allowing him to approach character work from a unique perspective.

Justiin reveals that Michael would meticulously create playlists for his characters.

“He’s into character development through music and figuring out what music that character would have on their playlist, so his Chalky White (Michael’s character) was heavy on that.”

Justiin expressed that he has adopted a similar approach to his own character development. Like his late colleague, he finds solace and inspiration in music, allowing it to guide him in understanding his characters on a deeper level.

“It’s a process I’ve also taken up as well.”

Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket- JMADISON | Top – UNIQLO TANK | Pants – GAP | Shoes – RHUDE | Shades – ILLESTEVA | Styled by @Obrianmadison

Michael’s legacy lives on not only through his memorable performances but also through the profound impact he had on fellow actors like Justiin, who continue to be inspired by his dedication and creative spirit.

When preparing for his role in Chicago Med, Justiin drew upon a combination of intense research and a genuine desire to portray the character authentically.

He immersed himself in research, consulting with burn survivors, doctors, and surgeons who had experience with burn units in hospitals. He was grateful for the valuable insights provided by someone associated with Chicago Medical Hospital, which enriched the available resources for portraying the character convincingly.

“I don’t know anyone who has gone through or experienced that, but the important thing for me was to be authentic, to be genuine to anybody who has went through something like that and one thing I didn’t want to do was see a burning survivor as a burning victim. What’s important is to look them as a champion, as somebody who went through a hardship, somebody who came out at the other side of it.”

Throughout the filming process, Justiin treated the role with the same dedication he gives to every character he portrays. He meticulously analyzed the script, delving into the character’s motivations and emotions.

Photo by Christian Traver | Top – JMADISON | Pants -ZARA | Shades -THRIFTED | Sneakers – CONVERSE | Styled by @Obrianmadison

As he stepped into the shoes of his character, Carter Singleton, on the stretcher or gurney, he aimed to embody the heart and genuine spirit of a burn survivor.

The role of Carter Singleton became a transformative and emotionally intense experience for Justiin. He spent three weeks in Chicago, dedicating himself to the role and immersing himself in the character’s emotions. The physical transformation, which involved a four-and-a-half-hour makeup process for prosthetics and burns, added to the depth of his performance.

The impact of the role resonated deeply within him, and he cherishes every moment of the journey, making it an unforgettable chapter in his acting career.

Preparing for his role as young Stan Edgar in Amazon Prime’s The Boys was a challenging and exciting endeavor for Justiin. Once cast, he knew that capturing Giancarlo Esposito’s musicality in his speech was crucial to embodying the character effectively.

Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket – JMADISON | Top – JMADISON | Pants – CARHARTT | Shoes -TOGA VIRILIS | Shades- IILESTEVA | Styled by @Obrianmadison

He aimed to authentically portray Stan Edgar while making the character’s essence familiar to fans of the present version they already knew. The process of preparing for this role during the pandemic was an enriching journey for Justiin. He dedicated himself to studying Giancarlo’s craft, honing his speech and movement to match the character, and embracing the responsibility of living up to the legacy of the older Stan Edgar.

Drawing inspiration from his love for period pieces, such as Boardwalk Empire, Justiin immersed himself in the world of speechwork. Giancarlo’s distinctive manner of speaking was like a symphony, and Justiin aimed to replicate that musicality to perfection.

Understanding the character’s intentions and directions was essential to evoke the fear and presence that Giancarlo commanded on screen. To master the character, Justiin focused intensely on articulating words with precision and paying attention to Giancarlo’s previous work.

“I didn’t have to do a lot of research because he’s (Giancarlo) always been an actor I’ve admired and looked up to.”

He still acknowledged the responsibility of stepping into the shoes of such a respected actor.
“Giancarlo’s a very specific character and that’s one thing I’ve always loved about his work: it’s all different but there’s no element he doesn’t take into consideration.”

Photo by Christian Traver | Top – JMADISON | Pants – ZARA | Shades – ILLESTEVA | Sneakers – CONVERSE | Styled by @Obrianmadison

With his dedication and talent, Justiin’s portrayal of young Stan Edgar promises to be a captivating addition to the world of The Boys, adding a new layer of depth and understanding to the character fans have come to know and love.

“The Boys’ fans are some of the, just like the show, some of the unruly, crass, some of the best fans ever, you know, they’re comic book enthusiasts.”

He expressed his admiration for these fans, acknowledging that he wishes he knew as much about the world of the show as they do.

“I loved the show before being on it, so to be accepted by them has been amazing; that’s probably been the best part.”

In The Politician, Justin got to work with Bette Midler which he said was a “dream come true.” He reminisces about growing up loving movies like “Hocus Pocus” and “First Wives Club,” making the opportunity to meet and collaborate with her all the more surreal and unforgettable.

“Going into filming I didn’t even know that I’d be working with Bette Midler or Judith Light.”

One afternoon, Justiin’s world took an unexpected turn as he received an email from EP and director, Brad Falchuk stating that “The ladies would like to have a rehearsal.” Puzzled, Justiin wondered who these mysterious “ladies” could be. Little did he know that this seemingly ordinary email would lead to an extraordinary encounter.

He found himself stepping into a hotel located in the bustling financial district of New York City and out of nowhere, like a magical apparition, two iconic figures emerged from the walls of the hotel – Bette Midler and Judith Light.

“At that moment, I nearly fell out of my seat, realizing that they were “the ladies” and I’d be working with them! I had no time to be nervous. There was only time to play, and it was Bette’s birthday, which made it even more special.”

Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket- JMADISON | Top – UNIQLO TANK | Pants – GAP | Shoes – RHUDE | Shades – ILLESTEVA | Styled by @Obrianmadison

“Getting to meet and work so closely with her was surreal and one of those moments I’ll never forget! She made me feel so comfortable and there was so much laughter between set ups & takes. Watching her work was incredible!”

For Justiin, preparing for scenes with someone as iconic as Bette Midler or any other legendary figure doesn’t involve any distinct difference in approach.

“The amount of attention and intent that I give to each character I also give to every scene partner I work with – no matter their name, résumé or legendary background.”

Photo by Christian Traver | Top – JMADISON | Pants -ZARA | Shades -THRIFTED | Sneakers – CONVERSE | Styled by @Obrianmadison

What truly fuels Justiin’s passion for acting is the joy he finds in bringing happiness to others. He sees acting as a means to captivate and transport audiences away from the challenges of their daily lives. 

“If I can make someone forget about the ups and downs of their day by doing what I love, then you know I’m doing exactly what I want,” Justiin expressed.

“It’s like driving. You’re not driving for yourself but driving for the other person and it’s like in a scene with somebody: you’re driving for your scene partner. You’re both giving and taking, listening and responding. That’s the biggest thing to remember that you’re not just acting for yourself. If you’re acting for yourself, why you acting? You’re acting for the people you wanna communicate a story to. Acting is giving a world, giving an emotion and in no point you should just act for yourself. Make this process about giving the world and back cause that’s exactly what it’s meant to be for.”

Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket – JMADISON | Top – JMADISON | Pants – CARHARTT | Shoes -TOGA VIRILIS | Shades- IILESTEVA | Styled by @Obrianmadison

Maintaining a balanced and grounded mindset is a priority for Justiin, and he believes in the power of self-care and self-love. As he settles into life on the West Coast, he has been focusing on connecting with nature and embracing physical fitness as a means of staying centered amidst the uncertainties that life may throw his way.

Although he acknowledges that he cannot control everything happening around him, Justiin is determined to channel his energy into the aspects of his life that he can influence.

In his pursuit of inner peace, Justiin has embraced practices like meditation and exploring the world of crystals to refocus his energy and find a sense of grounding. In an industry known for its unpredictable nature, he recognizes the importance of self-love, especially during moments of fluctuating success.

By nurturing his well-being, he endeavors to thrive in the rollercoaster-like environment that comes with his career.

Photo by Christian Traver | Top – JMADISON | Pants – ZARA | Shades – ILLESTEVA | Sneakers – CONVERSE | Styled by @Obrianmadison

While enjoying his time on the West Coast, Justiin also looks forward to reuniting with his supportive family in New York, cherishing the connection they share despite the distance. He understands the significance of having a strong support system, especially during the highs and lows of his journey in the entertainment industry.

Justiin’s decision to move from NYC to LA had been a long-time aspiration, one that he had envisioned even before the pandemic. The desire to relocate had been brewing since his time on Boardwalk Empire, when he found himself frequently traveling between the East and West Coasts.

He firmly believes in the notion that growth can only be achieved by stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Feeling the need to shake things up and embrace new challenges, Justiin saw the move to LA as a perfect opportunity to do just that. The decision to move to LA was also motivated by love.

Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket – JMADISON | Top- UNIQLO TANK | Pants – CARHARTT | Shoes – TOGA VIRILIS | Styled by @Obrianmadison

Following his heart, he embarked on this journey, knowing that the change in location would not only bring fresh opportunities but also enable him to explore new aspects of life and relationships.

Justiin is eager to explore a diverse range of genres in his future acting endeavors, but one particular genre that excites him is action. Having had a fantastic experience working on “The Equalizer” right after “The Boys,” and engaging in adrenaline-pumping scenes through the streets of Harlem alongside Queen Latifah in “The Equalizer,” he relishes the opportunity to immerse himself in the world of action-packed sequences.

Justiin has some exciting projects in the pipeline that are sure to captivate audiences. While the specific release dates may still be under wraps.

Photo by Christian Traver | Top – JMADISON | Pants -ZARA | Shades -THRIFTED | Sneakers – CONVERSE | Styled by @Obrianmadison

“I don’t know when this is going to drop, but there’s a project for HBO that I’m doing which should be out this year. Another one, a season 2 of a project that’s gonna be on Universal, Peacock, and NBC.”

Justiin’s advice for aspiring actors is simple yet powerful: never give up and keep pushing forward. He acknowledges that the acting industry can be tough and competitive, but it is also a realm of growth, excitement, and immense gratification.

The entertainment industry may test one’s dedication, but it is those who persevere and remain committed to their craft that ultimately succeed.

“If it’s your passion, then don’t ever stop, and don’t let anybody tell you you can’t get there.”

Photo by Christian Traver | Jacket- JMADISON | Top – UNIQLO TANK | Pants – GAP | Shoes – RHUDE | Shades – ILLESTEVA | Styled by @Obrianmadison

Justiin Davis stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring actors and dreamers everywhere, a testament to the notion that talent, hard work, and passion can indeed pave the way to success. As we eagerly await the next act in his remarkable journey, one thing remains certain: Justiin Davis’ name will continue to shine brightly among the stars, illuminating the realm of acting for years to come.

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